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fuckyoulist's Journal

Fuck You!
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Here's the fuck you list.

It's a list like no other in that you get the chance to vent in a centralized community. Sure, you can do this in your own journals, but isn't it fun to do it here, too?

I think so.

If you have any problems - please contact the mods at fylmods@gmail.com or on AIM: fyl cynica or Join the FYLMods community.

What are the rules of the FuckYou! List?

Edit: Updated 12/12/2005:
You can now use the < lj user=name > tag when telling someone "fuck you".</font>

This is directly from LJ Abuse:
"In order for a violation to exist, there must be content present which is invasive to your privacy -- such as a full name, address, or phone number -- or encourage others to harass you through other means.

Users are entitled to dislike you. They are even entitled to post about this dislike so long as it does not cross into the boundaries of inciting harassment against you or invading your privacy as described above.

So, what can't I do?

#1. You can't use both first and last names. You can't list their phone number or address. You can't link us to a specific post in an attempt to rally support for yourself against another user. But you -can- call them out directly by name without revealing very personal information.

#2. Don't use a person's real full name. Use their first name, their initials, their first name and last initial, but not the full first name AND the full last name.
Acceptable: BS, Bob S, Bob
Unacceptable: Bob Smith

This does not apply to famous people.
#3. Don't be abusive to people who are making posts.
What does this mean?
"Don't be abusive" means to not go in and pointlessly rip the shit out of somebody because you feel like it.

For example: "Fuck this day. I had a bad day. My car broke down and my dog died. This sucks." Then somebody responds, "HAHAHA YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU! I'M GLAD YOUR DOG DIED!!" That's being a dick. This kind of behavior will result in deleted comments/posts.

If you get a response like this, DO NOT RESPOND, and contact me via email. If you respond and fight back with the person, you're on your own.

This does not mean that you get to go make a Fuck You! post that rips apart a group of people or community of people and then get mad when they come lash back at you. If you strike, be prepared to get struck BACK. And don't come running to me when it happens.

Don't dish it out if you can't take it!

People arguing with you in your posts is not automatically considered "abusive". People often don't agree with others' opinions and will let you know in your post. You are posting in a public community, and your posts are subject to response. If you are not interested in receiving a response, turn off comments. If you leave comments on and don't like what people are saying, turn off comments. Don't fight back with people and then come to me crying about it. If you feed the trolls, you are responsible to take care of the troll all by yourself.
#4. This is not a promotion or personal-gain advertising community. Don't make posts in here trying to sell something, get people to sign up for stuff so you win prizes, or make posts trying to bring new people to your or your friends' communities. There are more-appropriate journals in which you can promote promote promote! This ain't it.

#5. Your post does not have to contain the words "fuck" and "you". General ranting posts are fine. If they don't say "fuck you", that's fine. Rants and raves and complain-y posts don't all have to follow a format. Sometimes they're in the form of an essay or prose or a joke. That's okay.

#6. Racism, hateful stereotypes, and hate speech are never tolerated. LiveJournal's TOS has some crap in there about hate speech not being allowed, but they don't really do much about it. Here, if I see what may possibly kind-of sort-of look like racism or hate speech, I will delete your comments or your post entirely, no warning. If you see it happening in a thread and there is no moderator action taking place, please email me immediately. I can't always keep up with threads and how they sometimes explode long after the post was made.

What is racism?
Racism = racial prejudice + power.

What is hate speech?
"...hate speech often promotes and results in fear, intimidation and harassment of individuals, and may result in murder and even genocide of those it is targeted against."
is accompanied "...by incitement to hatred or criminal action."

#7. Do not copy/paste entries from this community (especially locked entries) anywhere else. I will report you to LJ Abuse and ban you from the community.

What will happen if I break these rules?

Promotion posts will be removed and marked as spam immediately. Nothing will be said to you, but your name will be recorded as a rule-breaker. Keep it up and you will be banned.

For other types of posts that break the rules, I or my moderator(s) will ask you to remove the post, edit the post, or stop the harrassment of other users. If you do not do this, your post will be deleted, or you will be banned. If you continue to break the rules, you will be suspended indefinitely from making posts or comments.

What if I disagree with the moderators?

Go right ahead. We're not monsters. If you feel that you're being unfairly treated, please contact me. I will do what I can to best solve the problem for both parties. I'm pathologically diplomatic.

I need to delete a post!

If, for any reason, you feel that you'd like to delete a post, this is how you do it. Thanks go out to serenitysenigma for posting these steps!

1. Go to your repeated post
2. Click on "comments"
3. At the top you should see the bar that has the heart and the pencil icons (with green directional arrows on either side of them)
4. Click the pencil
5. Delete EVERYTHING you typed, and save
6. That should work to delete any post.

I need to edit a post!

If we tell you to edit a post, follow the same steps you'd follow to delete it, just change the text instead of removing all of it.

1. Go to the post you need to edit.
2. Click on "comments"
3. At the top you should see the bar that has the heart and the pencil icons (with green directional arrows on either side of them)
4. Click the pencil
5. Change what needs to be changed.
6. Save.

Someone was mean to me in the comments of a post I made!

Just a friendly neighborhood reminder that this community isn't about fluffy bunnies and peach pie. It's antagonistic in nature, so if you have a problem with anybody replying to any posts you make with a negative, questioning, antagonistic, or otherwise unfriendly response, you have a couple options here...

1) Delete their comments. In that blue box containing the person's livejournal username and the timestamp of their post, there's a red X. If you click it, it will ask if you're sure you want to delete the comment. If you are, then acknowledge. If you're not, then don't.

2) Ignore their comment. They are random people from the internet. Who really cares if they agree with you or support you in your fuck you?

3) Email the mods or join and post at fylmods and we'll either attempt to sort it out with you and the offending person, or we'll use our collective genius to force you to understand and apply #2 up there.

4) Leave the community.