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[icon] A whole bunch of fucks - Fuck You!
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Subject:A whole bunch of fucks
Time:11:49 pm
Fuck whoever stole from my boyfriend at his work. Don't know if it was a "customer" or a co-worker. Either way he's out several items and had to change the locks on his place because they also took his keys. Bastard(s) also damaged his backpack, which they left.
(Note: we don't think they stole the keys because they know where he lives. We think it's because he had some nice lazer-cut steel key-chains on it and it was faster/easier to just take the whole bundle.)

Incest can DIAF as far as I'm concerned. I don't care if your daughter is an adult and "wants" it. Just because someone wants something doesn't mean you should give it to them. And I'm sure as hell calling CPS since she also happens to be a shitty mother to her 8 month old.
(Btw, her breast-feeding is NO kind of birth control. Still can get pregnant, dumbass!)
(Also: EW all around.)

Fuck roommates! You bitch and complain about the state of the house and dirty dishes all the fucking time, yet when I ask for you to bring out your dishes because there are no bowls you throw a fucking shit-fit and blow up my phone with insulting texts?
Also, fuck you for trashing the basement and back yard. Moving all your garbage from the middle of the backyard to the back along the fence next to the shed is NOT cleaning it! Throwing it all in the shed isn't cleaning it up either! Property manager/landlord isn't going to be happy to find out about you guys treating the shed like a dumpster either.

And most importantly: fuck death. Quit taking people I love. Not only have you had your sights set on my great-grandmother for a while now (who is giving you the hairy-eyeball right back, the old bat), but you go and take my dad's best friend in the meantime. They were best friends for over 30 years and he was like an uncle to me.

Fuck stress.

Oh, and fuck the current job market.
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Time:2013-07-18 06:54 pm (UTC)
That is not a guarantee even if you're breast-feeding that often, and you can get pregnant even when you're not actively ovulating. Either way, it's not something to rely on entirely with NO other protection whatsoever.
Also, unless she seriously stepped it up, she was only breast-feeding him about twice a day (usually only when it was starting to cause discomfort to her by not doing it) since she's trying to get him fully on solids ASAP.
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[icon] A whole bunch of fucks - Fuck You!
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